Arts & Culture

Joy and Whimsy Depot

The Joy and Whimsy Depotin Lewisburg believes we are all called to be creative. They strive to spread joy by providing a space where visitors can come, and enjoy positive, uplifting art created by local and regional artists of all ages and renew their own creativity. They have a goal to elicit smiles, laughter, joy and relaxation through art.

Magic Charm 

Magic Charm is a shop in West Alexandria that offers many handmade items, crystals, gemstones and metaphysical products and also offers art and craft classes every month for children and adults.

Preble Arts

The Preble County Arts Association (PCAA) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to fostering a creative community.  PCAA operates Preble Arts, located in downtown Eaton, where great things happen. Visitors can tap into your creativity through our many classes and workshops (watercolor, pastels, acrylics, ceramics, music, leather and metal stamping, stained glass and more)! They are always working on new projects that weave art into our community!  Visitors can also enjoy local and regional art in our gallery during either of the six shows held per year.

Star Theatre at Eagles Point

The Star Theatre is the leading Theatre in Preble Couny and have played a defining role in the cultural life of the area since 2000. They are committed to supporting the performing arts and generating a greater appreciation of it within our community. They offer musical performances, concerts and plays as well as first-run (and some classic favorite) movies.